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no, that about beach pictures it´s not rocket science, of course. It´s just comment on the edge, anyway. Protection- i didn´t mean protection from the side of his lawyers, i mean “his” protection. He knows, that he has hordes of teenage- or even older crazy fan girls, which would write or spread otherwise some bullshit into the world- exactly as some of them do now- they found out fictional stories etc…It´s unbelieveable sometimes.
Yes, right point, that some more famous player show openly their GF or wives, private life etc…OK, maybe it´s just not Yoann´s way how to live or do it. I am the same, even my friends, only really close did, didn´t know for years my boyfriend which i married. Not important. C´est sa vie privée and only he chooses how to live it. Last but surely not least to this point: only few of those famous players have such mad fan girls as Yoann does…Really only few of them. I think some of his fan girl idolized him too much and don ´t see him as real person anymore. They adore him as “perfect man” and not his skills anymore. And i am sure he knows it- or the people surrounding him, his parents for sure, as they showed in their interviews :) No matter what, we will see! And to this blog- Nika, i like it :) You do it right good. And Poland- i really love your country (have many polish friends). BTW :) Happy new year.

OMG Thank you so much! I really appreciate your words and it really means a lot to me:))  Happy new year once again!

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